Curology: Generation Glow

brand identity


Generation Glow, Curology's college ambassador program, gives students the unique opportunity to represent the brand by being skincare-focused leaders in their community. Through the knowledge they share with others, our ambassadors help cultivate an inclusive, accessible, and empathic future of skincare wherever they go.

With the goal of taking the existing program to the next level, our team developed a fresh, new identity and created a set of supporting materials that would appeal to our Gen-Z college student audience.

I worked on creating the program's refreshed visual identity system, illustrations, merchandise, and OOH signage.




Creative Director: Martin Sanchez
Design Director: Malisa Kuch
Senior Art Director: Nastacia Chubinsky
Copy Lead: Nicole Jahns

THE brand identity

Reflecting the program name and its ambassadors (aka Glow getters), the visual identity's signature glowing gradient originates from our brand's lavender paired with other adjacent colors to create a luminescent and vibrant running device.

When paired with some fun shapes and original illustrations, a college mascot of our Custom Formula bottle, and a collegiate serif typeface, the elements unite to form a fresh and youthful identity true and unique to Gen-Z's bright and striking personality.


To boost our ambassadors' visibility on campus, they needed merch to represent Curology—stylish, functional, and engaging, but not overly branded.

We designed a set of apparel that would have our ambassadors stand out during events, spark conversation, and help promote brand awareness between classes.