Curology: Warm Science Illustrations

illustration library


A vast number of medical illustrations floating around the internet often exhibit the same issues: they are medically inaccurate, overly stylized beyond recognition and reliability, and are difficult to interpret.

As a brand that regularly educates a Gen-Z audience on complex medical conditions, our team sought to redefine what these crucial medical illustrations could look like across all our touchpoints.

Ranging from topics like the types of acne and many the benefits of tretinoin, we partnered with a freelance illustrator and our internal medical team to develop a dynamic and flexible library of 35 illustrations that walk the fine line between visually engaging and medically accurate.

I played a key role in spearheading development, regularly reviewing illustrations, and providing feedback to our illustrator while coordinating with our medical team to ensure medical accuracy at every stage of the process.


Art Direction


Executive Creative Director: Elaine Fong
Creative Director: Martin Sanchez
Illustrator: Kotryna Zukauskaite