Shopping Angels

ui design • data visualization • case study

Shopping Angels, a nonprofit program, was established in Spring of 2020 with a goal to help get groceries and other essential products delivered to high risk groups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal was to help support Shopping Angels by designing a speculative website to help improve their outreach, reputation, data collection methods, and online presence.
Project Partner: Chiao Huang

Data Visualization

Process and Case Study Highlights

During our initial research, we noticed that Shopping Angels had no official website. They used platforms like Google Forms, GoFundMe, and Facebook to collect donations, information, and post important updates.
That left with issues like credibility, no method of formally communicating, no official way of organizing chapter locations, no unified contact information page, and a scattered internet presence, which led to us deciding that developing a website would be the best way to support the organization.